By: MBC | April 05, 2017


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Something for tomorrow evening

South West Prays – Christians watch online this Easter Sunday at 8.00pm

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Posted on : April 10, 2020

Locked down, locked in but not locked our, How lucky we are too have smart phones and 'pc's! At the touch of a button we can be with our families miles away, share their joy and fears, keep up with the news. We can chat and see other church members and be reminded we are not alone. It is sad not to be able to attend our church that we know so well and love, but technology allows us to keep our fellowship alive.
Blessings to everyone, you are all in our prayers.


Posted on : July 05, 2018

I see someone has taken a little nibble off the corner of the cheese,
maybe this will encourage Church Mouse to talk


Posted on : June 25, 2018


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