01.06.20 09:24 PM By MBC

This long-enforced curfew has deprived us of each other’s company. It is the mystery of our need for friendship which can leave individuals feeling lonely and anxious. We have set up a valuable channel of communication. Thia has enabled a number of our fellowship to enjoy an almost daily conversation with each other. This helpful Chatterbox helps widely separated folk to exchange ideas and questions and social chitchat throughout the day. Often a theme arises and the subjects can range from Bible topics to repairing toilets or how to occupy locked-in youngsters. There is frequent humour and news from the locality and from the nation. The sharing of concerns and helpful solutions punctuate the day and contributors will pop in and out as domestic duties allow. So! why not log-on and feel assured that you are not alone and that your friends would like to hear from you.

If you would ike to join our Chatterbox messenger group let us now via our facebook/messenger page. We look forward you joining us. A link to our page is below.  Just click on "the send message button" let us know and we add you name...we look forward to talking with you.




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